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Acknowledgement of Country

I acknowledge the Djiringanj people of the Yuin Nation as the traditional owners and custodians of the lands in which I was born, live and work. I pay my deepest respect to all Indigenous Elders past, present and future, and their people, culture, and history.

I honour that Australia is Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander land and thank them for the care they have given this land for thousands of years.


Mission: Blue Wren Zen

My mission is to live in authentic connection with my most true and alive self, and to inspire and contribute to others longing to do the same. Cultivating deeper levels of awareness enables each of us to, connect with and share our unique gifts for the healing of our communities, and this earth.

THe Approach

Transformation for Life.


The Zen Coaching approach to life, and coaching is rooted in the timeless wisdom of awareness, in service of inner connection for personal and collective transformation.

Regardless of your situation, challenge or aspirations; the ease of zen coaching can support you to tap into the potential of the present moment, connect with yourself and take positive actions change in your life. 

Enjoy greater levels of presence, gain crystal clear embodied clarity and take action to bring your dream life into reality! Like NOW!  

The Two Wings of Zen Coaching


Presence, awareness, mindfulness, relaxed alertness, true nature; living deeply connected with life’s essence. Zen embodies the two wings of Meditation: stopping (Shamatha) and deep insight (Vipashyana).



Is the art of accessing and cultivating familiarity and confidence with both ones inner and outer world. This is done through relaxed, alert listening, effective questions, and guidance to include all aspects of the self; including the thoughts, body sensations, feelings, emotions, fears and longings. When we become curious and allow space for all parts of our experience we discover our essential natural qualities such as intuition, joy, compassion, love, truth, strength, playfulness, determination and many more. From this place we can easily identify actions to resolve any challenge we might have in our lives. Life also becomes a lot more fun and meaningful!

A thing about enlightenment - Thich Nhat Hanh

We can experience moments of awakening for ourselves at any time. Zen is not about believing in a particular doctrine or even a set of fixed principles and tools, it is an encouragement to look deeply at our own first hand experience as a source of truth and wisdom.

Vibration of the Heart Retreats

My partner and I welcome you to our immersive transformational retreats on the Far South Coast of NSW on the slopes of Sacred Gulaga mother mountain, near Tilba Tilba.

My Journey

Taste the Zen Coaching Training


What People are Saying

“I came out feeling really clear. Really on purpose. Having myself much more tuned up.”


Far North Queensland, Australia


“Full mental clutter has shifted to spacious clarity and love for myself”


Barcelona, Spain

“If life was a raging bull, Marenn helped me grab it by the horns and look closely at the cause of my discontent.


Perth, Australia

“Coaching has been a great addition to my repertoire of self care.”


Far South Coast, Australia

“Letting go of these hurts has allowed a stronger connection to an internal place of joy and happiness!”


Far South Coast, Australia


“Marenn is open to feedback and seeks continual growth in his practice.

Tamsyn Coaching testimonial


Tasmania, Australia


“I felt a lightness even when present with intense emotions and blockages.”


Far South Coast, Australia

“It’s incredibly valuable for me to have a space in which this is the only objective – in which no other person has a motive.”


Berlin, Germany

BWZ Writing

Cultivating peace:

Coming home to the depth of our being in challenging times.

“When we hold on to our opinions with aggression, no matter how valid our cause, we are simply adding more aggression to the planet and violence and pain increase. Cultivating nonaggression is cultivating peace.” (Pema Chödrön, When things fall apart, p.141). 

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